President’s Message

Every one of us has memorable and unique destinations along our paths through life. As alumni, we are bound by the GPS coordinates – 34° 46′ 27.588” N, 89° 26′ 48.768” W, also known as 150 Rust Avenue.

Although we may have traveled far from these coordinates, they are a permanent part of our lives. Our Bearcat experiences have shaped us and made us dedicated Rustites prepared to support our alma mater in any way we can.

To that end, I am extremely humbled to serve as the Rust College International Alumni Association’s President for the next two years.

As we have witnessed over the past year, our fellow alumni are energized, engaged, and poised to support key initiatives that will help strengthen our alumni association and position us as a more viable resource for our tremendous institution. I am excited for what’s ahead. Although we all have full lives focused on developing careers, family, traveling, and more, I am asking you to find a way to give back the best way you can to support the college, staff, and student body.

This is the year to engage with the College and your fellow alumni. Please consider:

· Participate in RCIAA events whether in person or virtual.

· Become a financial member of the RCIAA..

· Join or start a local alumni club or affinity group.

· Give, give, give to Rust College and the many RCIAA initiatives throughout the academic year.

Thank you to all that continue to support our alma mater and to those who will give of their time, money, and heart to Rust College. PAWS Up!

Keithney Glass, ‘96

President, Rust College International Alumni Association